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The teaching roster at Caparet is comprised of instructors with world-class quality, a deep desire to share their knowledge, and easy-going, approachable personalities that are perfectly suited to the camp atmosphere.

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Karen Barbee - Featured Instructor
San Antonio

Karen Barbee of San Antonio!   

has been teaching students in the art of belly dance techniques for more than 30 years.


Her expertise at the national and international level is technique and professional progression. With an analytical background, Karen's methodical approach to belly dancing integrates movement analysis; breakdown of that movement; and then relating it in a logical fashion to her students.

In addition to being the director of Karavan Studio, she also is the mastermind behind "Project Band" - a multi month study of dancing with live music which culminates in a live performance at "Give Belly Dance A Chance" show. For more info go to


Austin, TX

​"Take your preconceptions of elite Egyptian dance and throw them out the window! Bahaia redefines elegance—with a sharp twist," (Blume Bauer, President of Middle Eastern Culture & Dance Association.)


Bahaia is a long time mover and shaker in the national belly dance community. She is the founder of the Austin Belly Dance Convention, the producer of HOT Seminars—with over 35 events to her credit. Her productions include the notorious Cabaret Dance Camp, an original event that has served as a model for many others.


Bahaia is a featured video artist of Cheeky Girls Productions, appearing in 3 solo instructional titles and six additional performance and instructional productions. She is a member of Sabaya Bellydance Collective and the founder and president of theAria Dance Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting belly dance as art.


As a teacher, coach and contest judge, Bahaia offers a discerning eye for talent and artistry, over 20 years of experience in the field of belly dance, and true passion for seeing dancers achieve their personal best.



Jamie Lynn

San Marcos, TX



​Jamie Lynn fell in love with Middle Eastern music. It wasn't until a few years later she discovered bellydance!  Her interest in art and culture led her to explore the different genres of bellydance and discover those which most "spoke" to her- Turkish, Golden Era Egyptian and Vintage American.


She is the creator and producer of The World Dance Festival and The Sultan's Feast, each in their 10th year of production. She is a member of Raks Helwa Dance Ensemble, Midnight Breeze Dance Company, and the director of the Raqs Qamar Dancers.


She was recently featured on AMC TV"s Showville and recently released her DVD -Foundations of Bellydance.


Austin, TX



Like many women, Najla took her first belly dance class on a whim—purely for recreational purposes.  She did not realize that the class and this dance would profoundly impact her life.  She has been performing since 1998 and teaching since 2001 in the Austin area.  Najla is strongly influenced by traditional Egyptian styles and music; however her dancing is a mix of classic and contemporary in the style of an American Cabaret dancer.  


She is a former member of Troupe Mirage, and currently directs theBaharat Belly Dance Ensemble.  Najla teaches beginner, mixed-level and performance level classes, as well as Mother-Daughter belly dance workshops and other specialty classes.  

Olivia Medlock

Yoga Instructor


Olivia Medlock has been practicing and teaching yoga in fitness clubs for more than 10 years, and bellydancing for seven years. She draws on her experience teaching all ages including children, adults and seniors, and varying degrees of ability from chair-based yoga through power yoga. Her yoga sessions at Cabaret Dance Camp are designed to prepare the dancer for a day of workshops, by focusing on warming up the body, stretching, and relaxing the mind. She is a member of the Raksettes, DFW-based Belly Dance Troupe winners in Yaa Halla Y’all 2015, as well as placing in the Fusion soloist category, and a duet winner with Persephone at Best of the Best Bellydance competition and Yaa Halla, Y’all Yellow Rose of Texas.

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