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Imagine yourself immersed in dance, surrounded by the beauty of the Texas Hill Country. You wake each morning with a ritual stretch on the green banks of the Guadalupe River. Your days are leisurely paced with morning and afternoon classes and plenty of time for hiking, swimming, shopping, practicing, and relaxing. Your nights are filled with music and dance with henna, campfires, and with frienships old and new.


This is Bahaia's Cabaret Dance Camp!

The first of its kind in Texas, Bahaia's Cabaret Dance Camp is held at Camp Rio Vista - a children's camp in the summer months. The accommodations are rustic, but not primitive.


Lodging is provided in community cabins, all wired with electricity and screened-in to deter bugs. The attached baths have private stalls and hot water. Three hearty meals and snacks are provided by the catering staff in the indoor dining hall. Classes are held in a spacious, enclosed hall with a raised stage and a professional sound system. Shows and evening events are held on the river banks and in the dance hall.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


The beauty of the Hill Country is breathtaking in October. This is the perfect, serene environment in which to expand your creative horizons and revitalize your passion for dance! Event is limited to 50 campers - don't delay! Pricing includes all classes, shows, activities, meals and lodging.


Rachel D. - Stillwater, OK

Camparet is freedom. While the dance instruction is beyond compare, it is about so much more than that! It is a chance for some peace and calm with beautiful friends both old and new. The best part of camp was simply the time to slow down, reflect on and focus on myself and my life. It is the first time since becoming a mom that I took time 100% for myself, and it was refreshing.

Ricki L. - Dallas, TX

Camperet 2012 was my first experience and it was spectacular. It's not easy unplugging from the busy world but it happened within a few hours of unpacking, seeing friends and meeting new ones, and enjoying the amazing setting alongside the river!  The cabins are basic but very clean and it was novel to be at "camp" with a bunch of women who were excited to dance together all weekend. It made for a playful atmosphere the rest of the weekend.  The workshops and instructors were top-notch, the food was delicious, and everyone was lovely. I knew I'd be reserving my spot for October 2013 before I even left that final afternoon!

Casey B. - Austin, TX

There once was a new belly dancer

Who needed a spirit enhancer.

With new friends, some booze and

Some cool new dance moves,

Bahaia’s Dance Camp was the answer.

Misty W. - Lago Vista, TX

Camparet makes me feel FREE. F is for Friends; old or new. We support each other in our love for this dance. R is for Relaxation; being surrounded by nature - green hills and cool river- my body automatically relaxes and I'm able to let my guard down, have fun, and not feel insecure one bit. E is for Evolving; my belly dance education evolves more and more as I learn from some of the best teachers that come to teach at camp. And the final E is for Epiphany; every time I'm at camp I learn something new about myself and it never fails to surprise me.

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